new toilet flange fits loosely
Posted by Robert on December 04, 2001 at 22:18:01:
My basement (poured concrete floor) was pre-plumbed for a bathroom when the house was originally
built (~1988). The white (PVC?) waste pipe for the commode (flush with the concrete floor surface)
has an inner diameter of 4 inches, according to my measurements. I have purchased two
different PVC DWV closet flanges, whose specs indicate they
should fit INSIDE a four inch inner diameter pipe. However, both flanges
(different brands) are very slightly loose when inserted down into the
existing pipe. When I say slightly loose, I mean that probably just one
layer of some kind of vinyl tape would make the fit "snug". I am
hesitant to glue either of the flanges in place, because of the
possibility the joint will not be air tight. Is there another acceptable method
of installing the flange into the waste pipe?, or do you think an ample amount of
pipe glue will adequatelyseal the flange? Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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