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Posted by hj on December 03, 2001 at 22:38:08:
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If everything is working properly, then they will function as advertised. But since you would not want it to show in the room, then you would be installing it in the wall. That will require that the wall be opened from the floor to a point above the rim of the lavatory. By the time you do that, you can open a little more and connect the vent back to the existing one. And you can route the drain opening to the new location with even less demolition.

: I read about a vent made by Oatey that will allow a straight drop downward slope of the trap to the waste drain. They say its for use in the type of situation I mentioned without the loop type DWV normally needed for island sinks and sinks with a windows behind them. Have you heard anything about the effectiveness of these?

: : Your only option that will result in a properly operating sink is to open the wall and run the pipe from the existing drain/vent to the new location. this is still not the ideal way since it involves to 90 degree elbows, but it is preferable to any other installation.

: : : Our builder decided to vent the downstairs bathroom sink out the side of the vanity, not out the back. Since the vanity is in a corner of the bathroom this was OK. Now, we want to replace with a freestanding vanity, and run the pipes out the back or through the floor. Problem is there is no DWV in the back of the current vanity.

: : : Now, the question. Can I vent the sink downward to the DWV pipe below the subfloor? I'm envisioning a trap, then a downsloping pipe to the main DWV. Is this kosher? If not, what are my options?

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