Slow flushing toilets
Posted by Mike on December 03, 2001 at 16:14:28:
I got this email from a client today, do you all have any comments?
Could the toilets just be the notorious1.6GPF toilets?

"The house was built in 1950. We're finding the first
floor toilet sometimes (20%) flushes very poorly. The
water just swirls around in the bowl without ever
really emptying. It flushes fine another 20% of the
time. Usually its somewhere in between; not horrible
but not very effective either. It seems the problem
has gotten worse since we moved in but if so it hasn't
been a dramatic change. The upstairs toilet may have
a similar problem.

We had a plumber out this morning who said its calcium
build-up in the toilet. He was very confident it
wasn't in the waste pipe (don't know why). He said
replace the toilet. He's never known anyone to have
good luck with de-calcifiers.

Any thoughts?"

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