tub spout removal
Posted by Dave Voelker on December 01, 2001 at 22:43:12:
I have a jetted tub that was original in a home built in 1983 that includes a horizontally mounted Delta faucet that is installed next to the tub and receives supply lines straight up from the floor. The faucet is a two-handled variety with the Delta handes that look like overgrown clear crystals with the pop-off cap to get to the screw underneath. The problem I have is in trying to determine how to remove the spout, I expected to find a set screw on the back butno luck. There is a plate underneath the spout with 4 screws but only the front two are accessible once it is installed. I can not find anything else that looks like it might be holding this on expect from the bottom which I have little access to.

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