Re: toilet seat wont stay up...
Posted by Bud...Suncoast Plumbing on December 01, 2001 at 19:02:38:
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Rick: I think You have answered your own question.....
"the tank appears to be leaning forward...."
Adjust the tank so that it leans toward the wall enough to allow the seat to stand at attention.
It may be a fortuitous happenstance that the ladys in your castle might be in favor of leaving
the draw bridge down in it's present condition.
Or it may be something with far more sinister implications...could it be that you might be unknowingly harboring a poltergiest or other mischievious paranormal presence?
In the event that the latter is the case, move
from that haunted place as quickly as possible.
Even an accomplished exorcist is not going to want
to perform the ritual over a haunted toilet, and
will almost always deside on burning the house to the ground as the only guaranteed means of ridding
the premises of these troublesome pests.
Lots of luck....Bud

We were having trouble with our toilet rocking so we re-enforced the flooring support under the toilet in the crawl space and re-installed the toilet. This resolved the rocking problem and after some shimming, the bowl appears to be level but now the toilet seat will not stay in the up position. It appears that the tank is leaning slightly forward and not allowing the seat to stay up. Can I take the tank off and make an adjustment to correct this problem and/or should I try to place some sort of shim between the bowl and the tank?

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