Sump Problems
Posted by don on November 30, 2001 at 20:53:42:
My builder poked two holes in the sump basin when he installed it in order to keep the basin in place while the basement slab was poured. This is now causing a problem of sand, mud, etc., coming into the sump, which in turn requires placing the sump pumps (I have a backup pump) on blocks to help keep them out of the debris, which reduces the capacity of the sump basin, which increases the frequency of pumping (like every six to 10 minutes), which substantially reduces the pump life. The builder tried to plug the holes with hydraulic cement but this failed. The hydraulic cement, while it did work for a short time, forced the water to enter via the perimeter drain pipe and this got away from the sand, mud, etc. Is there any sealant or caulk or whatever that I can use under water to seal or plug these holes? (The intake of water is constant so there is no way to stop the water to plug the holes.)

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