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Posted by Terry Love on November 30, 2001 at 15:26:31:
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: : : I just had a dense berber sytle carpet installed over concrete slab in new basement bathroom. I assume that I'll have to cut away the carpet to install the closet flange, but what about for toilet base. Can/should that sit on the carpet or do I cut around the entire base for the toilet to sit directly on the concrete? Also how do you recommend attaching the flange to the concrete. I have 3" PVC cut flush with concrete slab.

: : Tom,
: : The 3" pipe hopefully will be sleeved with cardboard that can be removed and a flange glued over it. For securing, you will want some concrete anchors. I use the 1/4" anchors I can install with a hammer.
: : The carpet will need to be removed around the toilet base.
: : General rules:
: : Carpet, cut around the bowl.
: : Anything else, set the bowl on top.

: Thanks very much! What a great resource!

: There is cardboard around the PVC, but it's in the concrete, so I'm not sure how easy it will come out. Can't I get a flange that will go inside the 3" pipe? I think it might also be hard to get the PVC cement down around the pipe. Also, on the vanity, should I cut the carpet around that before the install or can/should that cabinet go on the carpet? It's a small 16x18 cabinet for the washbowl.

: Thanks again! Your's is the best site on the web for plumbing help!

Thanks Tom.
The pipe for the toilet will have to be glued on the outside. Some plumbers use an inside cutter to cut the pipe below slab grade. I have also done it with a sawzall. It's not easy.
The cabinet should set on the floor too. Carpet will compress over time. Floor base will cover the gap between carpet and cabinet.

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