AHHH, We're a wasteful troop, .... aren't we?
Posted by More on November 29, 2001 at 23:37:59:
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You are experiencing the Catch 22 job security trauma. Are these upscale hotel rooms? Go to some of the upscale hotel maintenance staff and ask for suggestions for a tasteful plaque to place near the flush valve that indicates your duty and service to the client, with respect for the environment, and request the client to evaluate their disposal needs, and flush more often in your facility, than they do usually at home, since your toilets use two thirds less water than the normal wasteful home toilet, and you can help prevent them from getting their derrierer in a wringer.

: I work in a hotel that recently renovated all 400 rooms. We have the generic 1.6 gallon toilets installed. I am busy every morning and evening with my guys having to go to rooms and flush the toilets or clear the clog. The toilets have to be flushed 2-3 times and the bowl wash is very poor. I am using the Trayco flapper and the chain slack is good. The tank empties down to about 5/8" before the flapper shuts. Are there any other gizmos out there or inexpensive ideas to help the situation?

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