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The outhouse usually has a four to seven foot deep hole dug into the ground, with no lining, and the outhouse is built above that hole. Years of use allow the solid waste to be liquified and mixed with uric acid to saturate into the soil, settling into the air pockets in the soil, and binding to the soil matrix. If your cabin floor where you propose to install the toilet is at an elevation of four feet above the soil level at the outhouse, and the sewer outflow main from the cabin is 2 feet below soil level at the cabin foundation and 2 feet three inches five feet awaw from the cabin walls, your septic tank inlet will be at 27 inches below ground, the septic tank outlet at 28 inches. This elevation is still five feet too high to allow a gravity flow from a containment sump from the outhouse into the septic tank inlet.

You would be probably better advised to install the septic tank and disposal field first, provide a 4 inch sanitary tee or a "comby" at the inlet just before the septic tank, and then when the backhoe is there installing the disposal area and absorption rock, utilize the backhoe for installation of the outhouse containment sump. The sump will need a compartment to install a lift pump with its required automatic sensor switch, plumbing, vent, and electrical, and then that discharge line can be run to the septic tank at whatever elevation it is at.

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: I am planning on puting in a ceptic tank for our cabin at the lake. We have runing water, a quite a unique system for rain water with an rv pump, electric water heater, rv toilet, full size kitchen and vanity sinks. we also have an out house. I want a containment devise under the O H 1st. but can I get a outhouse containment and a ceptic tank combe. have you heard of such a thing. erwin jands

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