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You don't say what the odor smells similar too. A good guess is that the galvanized pipe was screwed and threaded joints, and that each joint required thread oil during the cutting, and probably pipe dope in the threads at each connection. You also don't say if you used american manufactured galvanized pipe or another country pipe. American metal pipe is bathed in a cleaner after it is formed and after the galvanization treatment. This material's sealing properties are cut and opened to the air each time the pipe is cut and threaded. The water that your purveyor provides to you is treated with differing levels of chlorine at different times of the year, and that chlorine reacts to the pipe.The chemical reaction inside the pipe creates a gas that is most often times lighter than air, but is captive inside the pipe, until you open a valve and release it to the atmosphere, many times at a very close proximity,and lower than your nasal passages. Chlorine smells like bleach, and causes a further chemical reaction when it comes into contact with your mucous membranes, as it floats and dissipates.

Copper pipe is generally well cleaned at the time of connection, and uses a flux to assist the spread and adherance of heated solder, and the joints are normally well seated, preventing much odor or chemical infiltration inside the pipe walls, or into the product water. Copper pipe that is connected without the ends open to the atmosphere can oftentimes allow a carbon or sulfur buildup on the pipe walls, and that smells something like burnt matches. Running clean pure water through the pipelines adds little abrasive quaility to the pipe wall, but over maybe two months, the smell should dissipate. Don't do anything about it, other than say genuine prayers of gratitude that you are fortunate enough to have been blesses with a complete remodel.

: I just completed a complete kitchen remodel. I user galvan ized pipe to extend the original "in the wall" plumbing and copper tubing to extend from the brass wall vales to the faucet.

: There is a distinct metallic oder coming from the water each time I turn on the faucet. I smell it in both the hot and cold streams. After a few seconds the odor decreases to undetectable.

: What's the odor, what can I do about it, and how long should it last.

: Thanks,

: Emmett

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