Re: Leak under slab
Posted by More on November 29, 2001 at 21:51:32:
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First, think of the cost of the home, whats that 100K? Then think of that home bolted to a slab of concrete resting on top of a little bitty slippery lagoon or pond. Is there a small slope or hill nearby? Think of that home bolted to that slab slipping toward thet slope. Think it'll be expensive if you wait for a while? Contact three LICENSED plumbers and ask for leak detection assistance and verify if it is in fact a leak under the slab, or if it is a small leak on top of the slab. On top of the slab will be much less expensive. Licensed plumbers will be MUCH less expensive, especially if an unlicensed guy runs out of cash once the slab is cut open.

: I think I've got a leak under my slab. The carpet is getting damp just in front of the bathroom door.

: Is this going to be an expensive problem?

: I'm no plumber and I'm concerned about how much trouble and expense this may turn into.

: Please advise!

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