3rd floor 1/2 bath... venting?
Posted by Brian on November 29, 2001 at 18:55:14:
Fine folks over at John Bridge Tile pointed me toward this site.

A plumbing question came up on an upcoming job. My customer wants to add a 1/2 bath on his third floor almost directly above the 2nd floor bath which we'll be gutting to remodel. He'd like to add a pedestal/wc while we have the ceiling open below. Seems like great timing and solves the "one toilet" problem I have been concerned about during the process.

My question arises because my plumber, upon hearing the idea, suggested that it would more than double the cost of the job, b/c he'd have to run a separate waste pipe all the way down to the basement. I have to admit, I'm having trouble understanding wye (get it?:). Sorry.

Anyway, the run between the proposed WC and the main stack is less than 6 feet, and the customer has no problem giving up some ceiling space on the second floor remodel to allow for the drain and vent.

Any idea what the plumber could be getting at? Haven't gutted it yet, and it's an old 2 family building. Is it possible that it's not currently vented?

Appreciate some thoughts,


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