Re: Tankless water heaters
Posted by Joel on November 29, 2001 at 02:19:41:
In response to Re: Tankless water heaters
I have a Rinnai Continuum.
I would recommend this unit if your house
has only 1 or 2 bathrooms. The flow rate
depends entirely on the input water temperature
and the seleted output water temperature.
For 54 degree F rise (from 66 to 120) this
unit can provide 6.2 GPM, that is 3 shower
heads (2.5 GPM) and 1 faucet.
I like to simply selecet a 108 degree shower
with the handy control unit (you can wire 3
of these) and turn on only the hot valve.
No water temperature fluxuations at all.
If I select a higher temperature, and
mix for the shower, and someone opens
several hot taps full force, I would notice,
but this is true for any water tank as well.

Select the right unit for the job and you will
not be disapointed. Be sure the unit can handle
the job (high energy) and has regulation
(thermostat) to modulate both the flame and
flow (when flame is maxed out) for a constant
output temperature.

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