Re: Takagi tankless water heaters
Posted by Joel on November 29, 2001 at 02:06:32:
In response to Re: Takagi tankless water heaters
I looked at the Takagi unit and I passed it over
for the Rinnai Continuum instead. For a number of
1. Higher heat output at 180,000 BTU it really
can heat water for 2 showers or whatever, even
from cold inlet water.
2. A thermostat that controlls both flame and
water flow to achive the selected water temperature.
The thermostat is important. Notice that you
must get a special Takagi unit if you use pre-heated
water from a solar collector. That tells you
that the unit does not have a thermostat, but
simply adds a set amount of heat to whatever the
input water temperature. Get a tankless water
heater with enough heat capacity for a whole house,
and a thermostat to get the temperature you need.
Most cheap tankless heaters on the US market are
only suitable for a single sink or shower in a
boat or remote vacation house (in my opinion).

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