Radiator removal & refill
Posted by Chris on November 28, 2001 at 19:01:02:
OK. I managed to remove a kitchen hot water radiator and cap the supply and return pipes that lead to their own mains. Once the radiator drained I removed it and proceeded to cut the supply and return pipes to cap. I had to cut the pipes in the basement (kitchen is on first floor) directly below where the rad used to be. Here's the new dilema: while performing this, I cut the return pipe in the basement to cap it. Once cut, the pipe would not stop draining for two hours (12 gallons). Once it completely stopped I cut the supply- no problem. Now all is well (so far); both pipes are soldered and capped. My question is: since I think I drained the entire heating system, how do I replenish the water? Does the burner (Well-Mclain) automatically sense low water and fill the system back to operating level or is there something else I need to do? Any sugesstions are truly appreciated. I have the heat turned off now, but it is getting colder...
Thanks in advance.

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