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Posted by Dee on November 27, 2001 at 14:14:07:
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A hairdryer or hot water works nicely to soften and flex the PVC. I used a smaller piece of metal pipe (bent to form the rough idea of the candy cane top), then slipped the PVC over the pipe and applied hot air. As the PVC softened, it molded right around the bent pipe. I let it cool, then slipped the newly formed PVC candy cane off the metal pipe! It's a nice cheap way to make a lot of candy canes.

: They are talking about the flue pipe that is normally used between a furnace or water heater and the chimney. A four foot piece and two elbows will make a nice candy cane once it is painted.
: : We do a christmas display.I want to make big candy canes this year.An American website says Furnace vent piping is recommended.Here in Australia no one knows exactly what it is or what I am talking about.Thought maybe you could clarify.Is it sometime of steel piping.I thought of using PVC piping but that curve on the top of the candy cane just doesn't work because of the elbow, any ideas would be very much appreciated.
: : Thanks the candy canes need to be at least 4ft high

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