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Posted by DeWayne on November 27, 2001 at 08:25:28:
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: I've got a very bad leak, and I think it's coming from the pipe that leads out of the wall. I bought a new valve but I can't remove the old one. The water is clean but I can't stand the floods. I have cut off the main line and this pipe continues to pump water. Help ASAP.

If the valve is leaking, you can remove just the
"guts" by removing the large nut on the front of the
valve. The guts (aka valve stem) will have a packing
nut washer and a small washer on the end.

Take the valve stem to the hardware store and have
them install a new set of washers. Then simply reinstall
the guts into the valve body and you're all done!

The big chain hardware stores would rather sell you
a new valve because it's easier for them. Plumbing
supply shops and ACE hardware type stores will have the
washers you need to rebuild the old valve.

Hope this helps...


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