Re: Sewer line to street clogged again
Posted by Doug Siebert on November 26, 2001 at 00:30:49:
In response to Re: Sewer line to street clogged again
: I do not think he unplugged it properly the first time. He should have used the auger to unplug the line first. I do not know what a Plumbers Buddy is, but I suspect it is a water injector balloon to flush the lines.

Yes, it was a water injector balloon he used (I've seen them sold in stores as "plumber's buddy") Then he used the auger afterwards. Why would it make a difference to use the auger first? Point taken though that maybe it wasn't really fully cleared up last time. So maybe I should have him check it with the fiber optics to make sure it is really clean when I have him out again? And just in case there is some other problem like a big crack that stuff can start to clump up in or similar? I'd just like to avoid spending $175 on the fiber optics check if it isn't necessary, but I guess in the long run that's cheaper than having him come over and over again

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