Sewer line to street clogged again
Posted by Doug Siebert on November 25, 2001 at 16:54:14:
A couple weeks ago I had some problems with a bit of backup in my basement toilet and shower. I had a drain specialist to the house, and he found that my backflow flap where the sewer line leaves the house to the street had rusted off its hinge and was partially blocking the line. He was able to use a "plumber's buddy" to clear a "soft clog" in the line to the street with water. He also ran an auger through it to make sure there were no other problems like tree roots, it went to the main line without any problems and only had a couple tiny roots (about the size of threads) caught on it. Since the trees in the area are all very mature, he didn't think I'd have to worry about new roots in the future if they haven't been a problem up until now.

I figured my problems were over, but obviously the "soft clog" is back. If I flush the upstairs toilet 5 times in a row, I can see a tiny bit of water coming up out of the plate that covers access to where the backflow flap is installed (I haven't had a new one put in yet) Water in that line will drain, but VERY slowly, so its obvious it is getting through only very slowly. I checked my vent stack up on my roof this afternoon and it isn't blocked (I snaked it 10 feet down, beyond where the toilet connects, and found no evidence of any obstruction) So this isn't a venting problem. Obviously I have another "soft clog", which I can get cleared again easily enough, but I'm concerned that this happened again so quickly. Is there anything that would cause this if the line was augered so recently? He said it cost $175 to get the line looked at with fiber optics, so I didn't have him do it last time, but I'm wondering if maybe I should consider this. Or is there something else to look for first?

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