Re: should I install a check or backwater valve?
Posted by RJ on November 24, 2001 at 07:49:46:
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: HI
: About two weeks ago the city sewer line clogged and my finished basement got the worst of the back-up (2-3 inches). Some of the neighbors mentioned that this happened about 20-23 years ago to my house and again the city was responsible for their line. Now I'm wondering if I should have a valve installed either inside my basement bathroos or outside in the yard? I've heard pros and cons to both methods and am thoroughly confused now. Do you think I should even bother having one put in since there was such a time gap between back-ups and just have the city clean out and inspect the holes and line more frequently?
: Any help would be appreciated....

In my City backwater valves have been required for over 25 years. People are encouraged to install them in existing homes. In order to be effective they must be located after the last connection in the home that leads to a below grade drain, and must be installed so that they are accessible for inspection/cleaning. The City's cannot be responsible for something usually out of their control ( a neighbor has his line cleaned and a mass of roots is pushed into the City line causing a blockage, or children push sticks through the holes in a manhole cover, etc). Possibly the City knows what caused your backup and you could use the info to help decide if you want to add the device. At any rate, adding the device will give some peace of mind and control.

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