ELJER PATRIOT inferior to previous model that is OUT OF PRODUCTION
Posted by RiverMan on November 22, 2001 at 18:24:01:
I just purchased an Eljer Patriot 131-2120 bowl.
It's flush is inferior to my 1999 Eljer Patriot 131-1120 bowl that uses a swirl motion with a water exhaust at the bottom of the bowl.

The new Patriot 2120 does not use the swirl design. It just fills up fast and then all rushes out, leaving residue and clogging easily. It has no water exhaust hole at the bottom of the bowl.

The new Patriot is marginally better than the poor performing 1991 Kohler Wellworth Lite that it replaced, which by the way was rated No. 1 by Consumer Reports magazine. But I can not complain about the price. The new Patriot (tank & bowl) only cost $80 at Home Depot.

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