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Posted by hj on November 22, 2001 at 17:52:01:
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The advantage of two anode rods is that they will last twice as long, which is why the heater usually has a longer warranty. The self cleaning feature only works when the velocity of the water is high enough to activate it. The new faucets do not have that velocity, so the only times it will "self clean" is when a bathtub or washing machine, (using hot water), is operated. And then it has to run long enough for the suspended particles to be carried up to the top of the heater and into the piping. For all practical purposes it is not too effective.
: I need to buy a water heater. I have been considering a Maytag Series 12, 50 gal, 40,000 btu (HN412 50X).
: I live in Houston TX where in drops below freezing
: ( mid to high 20's) maybe twice a year. The water heater is in the attic. I have three questions:

: 1.) Do I need 2" of insulation or will 1" due since it
: doesn't get that cold in Houston?
: 2.) Is there a significate advanatage to having dual
: anode rods as opposed to one?
: 3.) Most importantly, what are the disadvantages of
: having the self-cleanimg feature in a water heater?
: I understand that it keeps the sediment in
: suspension but doesn't that sediment simply go down
: stream and tend to clog-up shower heads and
: water facets?

: Thank you, Tom

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