Buying a new water heater
Posted by Tom C. on November 22, 2001 at 12:39:07:
I need to buy a water heater. I have been considering a Maytag Series 12, 50 gal, 40,000 btu (HN412 50X).
I live in Houston TX where in drops below freezing
( mid to high 20's) maybe twice a year. The water heater is in the attic. I have three questions:

1.) Do I need 2" of insulation or will 1" due since it
doesn't get that cold in Houston?
2.) Is there a significate advanatage to having dual
anode rods as opposed to one?
3.) Most importantly, what are the disadvantages of
having the self-cleanimg feature in a water heater?
I understand that it keeps the sediment in
suspension but doesn't that sediment simply go down
stream and tend to clog-up shower heads and
water facets?

Thank you, Tom

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