Re: Toilet on slab?
Posted by Jim on November 21, 2001 at 08:36:33:
In response to Re: Toilet on slab?
: I'm adding a second bathroom on the ground floor of my house. The bath was roughed in
: by the original builder (mid 70's) yet never completed.

: The toilet flange is not flush with the concrete floor but instead sits about 1/2" below the
: level of the floor. Adding to this gap, I was hoping to put an underlayment on top of the
: concrete as well.

: My question is ...

: Is it possible / advisable to add a vertical extension to a closet bend? Or do I need to bust
: up the concrete and raise the entire closet bent upward?

: My instinct is to do the latter but I'm wondering what's standard practice.

: Thanks.