54" Tub replacement
Posted by Ann Jerome on November 20, 2001 at 22:43:42:
For starters I need to replace the 54" tub with a center drain in my mobile home... We do not want to replace with another flimsy plastic one which has not lasted 8 years. We have a few problems. Our tub now sits on a 6" foam base. The Tubs now a days sit on the floor, so we already know we have to re-route the plumbing also there are very few center drain tubs any more. The biggest problem is we are having trouble finding a tub that includes the surround or walls that will fit through the doors in the home... We figure the tub and surround was placed in the mobile home before the walls where put in. My question is does a company sell a 54" tub that comes with a two or three piece surround, like the 60 " ones. or should we just by a tub and put up our own waterproof walls, and what could I use. Some websites to manufactures would help too. The only company our local building supply deals with is AKER and they do not have any 54" models with a two pice surround, and we definately don't want to tear out doors and walls just to get a tub shower combo in...

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