Re: Hot water heater for hydronic heat
Posted by Joel on November 20, 2001 at 01:55:50:
In response to Re: Hot water heater for hydronic heat
Yes, you can use your domestic hot water for hydronic
heating. You need to use piping to code.
I recomend PEX (cross linked polyethelene).
Even the 90-140 degree water will heat a room.
(It is constant, comfortable heat, not a steam flash.)
(Steam systems went out with those huge cast
iron radiators and noise.) You need to add a thermostat
for the recirculating pump (and make sure it
is to code for a potable system).
Some installers use a light concrete mix between
the pipe in the floor, but there are systems
of floor grid if you can give up 2" above the
floor. Any flooring can be installed above.
There are other less eficient systems where the
PEX is placed in a sheet metal tray that directs
the heat through a wood floor, but you need access
below the floor. I don't have the links here,
but there was a grid product from Korea that won
a inovation award a few years ago. Super easy install.

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