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Posted by More on November 19, 2001 at 23:38:30:
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The surface above drainfield is not supposed to be wet. Water coming from the septic tank is supposed to be clarified by anerobic and aerobic bacteria in the septic tank, but with a lack of maintenance, greasy oily waste leaks into the drain fiels and plugs the soil air pockets that would let water drain away. Then the water fills up the drainfield line, overfills the septic tank, and stands full in the sewer line at the bottom of the toilets. But the toilets are at a higher elevation than the outside ground, so the water fills the soil above the pipe and saturates it. The damage was done PRIOR to pumping the tank. There's a couple things you can do. 1. punch holes in the soil near the saturated drainfield infoaltraters and create new air and fresh soil to allow percolation. 2. dig up the distribution box between the tank and both drainfield lines and see if there is a dry line that got plugged up with roots, disconnected or raised up out of flow line, and clear or reconnect it. 3. install additional absorption field, 4. inject air shafts into the soil and fill with very small styrofoam beads, 5. Add an aereator (air vent) to the end of the drainfield line, 6. build a percolation mound, 7. build an evapotranspiration area

: I need help with a drainfeild, the surface above ONE line is wet every now and then, I just had my tank pumped in July. I don't have gravel in my drainfeild, I believe it is called infoaltraters. Not sure how to spell it. And advise would be helpful.

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