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Posted by More on November 19, 2001 at 22:45:56:
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Right here you can find free advice. Cap the sewer line with a very strong pipe cap. Is it plastic ABS or clay or cast iron? Once it is capped, backfill and compact the soil around it to the level of the existing soil. What is the floor and subfloor? Wood 2X10 and hardwood floor? particle board? Plywood? Concrete? If concrete, add sand, and compact to the level of the lowest point of existing concrete, and fill the hole with concrete. If the hole is larger than eight inches in diameter, drill dowel holes in the existing floor, insert steel rebar into the holes prior to placing the concrete. If the Subfloor is plywood or particle board, cut the existing flooring back to the middle of the floor joist tops, install fire blocking at the span joints and leave half the joist width for new plywood, and cut a patch to fit onto the support joists, to match the level of the existing subfloor, and then tile it.

: I remodeled a bathroom into a bar and I want to know where I can find advise on how to cover the toilet hole that remains, so I can tile the floor over it.

: Any advise would be appreciated...

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