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Posted by You'd have saved by calling a plumber on November 19, 2001 at 22:15:42:
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The sewer main likely ties into the sewer from the toilets with a Tee, and then a 45 toward the carport, a straight run with a wye or comby to catch the kitchen and continues to the large pipe the washer drains into. The toilets flush large volumes of water with some waste, but the kitchen and laundry flush lesser volumes of water with lots of fiberous and stringy lint waste which is getting snagged at the 45. Call LICENSED serer roto snake company to free up the obstructions all the way out to the Sewer Main.

: Please help. The sinks in my kitchen would not drain so and the draining water was coming up through the vent pipe. On the advice of a friend, we cut the vent pipe and for a few weeks, the kitchen sink would only drain into our carport through the vent pipe. The stuff coming out, at times looks like crude oil and smells terrible. We decided today to cap the vent pipe, hoping that if the water had no-where else to go it would force the clog out to the main drain.That backfired, it now comes up through the the sinks. If we try to run water in the garbage disposal, it comes back up in both sinks when the disposal is shut off. We have poured Liquid Fire into the sink without the disposal when it was free of water several times in the last few weeks. It seemed to be doing something, as black rancid liquid was coming out of that pipe.
: Tonight, as we were attempting to run water into the garbage disposal while holding a plug into the other sink drain,the plumbing inder the sink broke at the p trap and black, terrible smelling (looks like crude oil) poured all over the kitchen. I am attaching a diagram of the kitchen and washer and main line areas.

: Thank you for any help that you can provide.

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