New toilet to old cast iron pipe
Posted by Don on November 19, 2001 at 21:20:04:
I am installing a new toilet. When removing the old, I discovered: the old flange was damaged, and part of a 4" lead pipe about 16" long connecting to 4" cast iron. All new flanges seem to be ABS. How can I connect a new ABS flange to either the 4" lead (1/8 thick, 4" id, 4 1/4" OD) or cast iron piper? All the rubber connectors seem to be either 1/2" to large or to small for the 4 1/4" (actual) existing pipe. I do find that ABS flanges are availabe whihc are a snug, but not tight fit to the inside of the existing lead pipe. But don't find any way to make a perment seal. Any advise appreciated.

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