Re: intermitent tub drain problem
Posted by hj on November 19, 2001 at 08:10:47:
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If putting the rag on the "flipper thing" lets it drain properly, then you just need to buy a new Trip Lever Overflow plate and replace it. It is usually a simple job unless someone has replaced the brass bolts with steel ones and then it can be impossible. But if the drain still is slow even with the flipper held down then you need a plumber to snake the line.

: My bathtub drains slowly - but not all the time. When it drains slowly (or sometimes not at all), I weight weigh down the "flipper thing" with wet wash cloth. The wet wash cloth usually stays on for a brief period -- meaning I'm standing in ankle deep water before my shower is over.

: Is this something I can repair myself. I have house guest coming in December, and would like to take care of this myself.

: If it isn't something I can take care of myself, how big of a job is it going to be for a plumber to fix? I can't afford much.

: Thanks.

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