Noisy Pipes when water flowing to new tub/shower
Posted by Mike Kettles on November 18, 2001 at 00:58:28:
I am remodeling a tub/shower surround. While testing the new Moen fixture (backer board & tile not installed yet) I noticed that there is a lot of noise associated with the water flowing through the pipes. It gets worse as the flow rate approachs maximum. There are about three 90 degree turns in the pipes that supply water to the Moen valve body. Also, we do have high water pressure (Dallas, TX) but I don't know the actual psi. It is not really a humming or banging noise, more a loud, ocsillating "flowing" noise. Any ideas? I would like to resolve this BEFORE I install the tile! The large tub in the master bath, which has a very high flow rate has a similar problem.


Mike Kettles

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