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Posted by hj on November 16, 2001 at 23:09:45:
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There are no drain cleaners available to the general public that can "eat through pipes". They can hardly even eat through a stoppage.

: : I need help. I bought this house about 2 months ago and slowly the bathtub started taking longer and longer to drain after a bath. Until now it won't drain hardly at all. Today at the grocery I bought "The Works" drain opener. I followed the directions and it still won't drain. When I tried to run some cold water in it, it looks like pieces of paint or something is in the water. What do you suggest? thanks, Kristie Try getting a cheap hand crank sewer cable.Theyre inexpensive and they work great on sink and bathtub drains when there is a minor clog.Be carefull with the liquid drain cleaners because they can burn right through your pipes.Take the overflow plate off your bathtub(located about 12 inches above the drain)and run the cable through there.Its probably plugged up with hair.Good luck Mike

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