Leaking dual hot and cold water shut-off for washing machine
Posted by Ralph on November 16, 2001 at 22:26:50:
I'm sorry I don't know the technical names of the parts in question, but there is a single-lever shut-off valve controlling the hot and cold water to my washing machine, which is leaking slowly when it is closed. We normally open it when we use the machine, and close it after we use it. The braided metal supply tubes to the machine are attached to this valve. Fortunately, there is a pan under the washer which is normally dry, but which is now collecting the leaking water. On the copper supply pipes above this dual valve is another set of two shut-off valves, which are always open. My question is--can I use the shut valves above the dual valve on a daily basis (open them when I use the washer and close them when I'm done), and forget about fixing the dual valve until I have more money to do so, or would you recommend fixing the dual valve as soon as possible. If you recommend fixing the dual valve, can I temporarily use the individual shut offs to stop the leak? Thank you very much.

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