Re: Hot water pressure fluctuation on sink faucet
Posted by MikeStheplumber on November 15, 2001 at 21:29:01:
In response to Re: Hot water pressure fluctuation on sink faucet
: Mike - based on my description of the problem, do you believe that this is the most likely suspect? Before reaching this point, I had replaced the entire insides of my old single-handle Delta faucet. Then when that didn't work, I replaced the entire faucet with a 2-handle Moen (good excuse to upgrade) with no improvement. So, I'm looking for some validation on my next step, too. Thanks, John. John,based on your description you dont have a hot water problem anywhere in your house.Since you replaced your faucet that pretty much eliminates that.The problem alllmost ha sot be by process of elimination the stop valve underneath your sink.Assumeing that the pipe under your sink is copper tube, and you dont feel comfortable soldering on a new stop.try getting a new one that is 5/8 od compression by3/8 od compression .You can install this stop by first turning off your water ,cutting off the old stop and installing the new one with two crescent wrenches and some pipe dope.If you installed a new faucet yourself this should not be any big shakes.Good luck MikeStheplumber

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