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Posted by MikeStheplumber on November 15, 2001 at 18:53:44:
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: Most toilets have a built in trap. The water should remain in the bowl to block out sewer gas.
: Unless you have a whole house trap. Use a sponge and bucket to take out excess water, diconnect the
: toilet and cap the flange or just replace the toilet. With the new flex lines sold at Home Depot type stores most homeowners can do the jobs themselves. (new bowl, wax ring and fex supply and possibly new flange bolts). Good luck. This is if the toilet is really your problem. Chuck,if you are removeing the toilet from the floor the integral trap isnt doing anything anyway.

: : Hi,
: : I just wanted to know how you would drain a toilet of it's water if it were not going to be in use (or replaced)..There was a leak we noticed and we thought if we turned the water supply valve off and then flushed the toilet,the rest of the water would drain out of the bowl and tank leaving it empty and ready for removal.We haven't done this yet because we don't know what the outcome will be and don't want a flood.Thanks for any advice!
: : Amy

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