Re: Roof flange for vent
Posted by Dale Prestipino on November 15, 2001 at 12:43:21:
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:Thanks, I looked at the site you referenced. Whay did you think I would need extra shingles?

: it is easy to install. here is a diy, but for a new installation:

: the flange acts a shingle in so many words. we used a plumb bob to mark the roof cut after we got the vent pipe into the attic. then we cut the penetration (oblong due to roof pitch). we cut a piece of our pvc pipe at the roof pitch angle and used it as the "oblong" template for the cut. wish i had a pic now for you. do you have extra shingles handy? i don't believe it is worrisome to think where the cut will occur re the shingle spacing.
: : I recently installed a new bathroom, and need to run the 3" vent stack through the roof. I have a rubber flange that is supposed to be very easy to install, but I have never done this. Before I drill through my roof, is there any advise on doing this right? Such as, do I need to hit a certain spont in the shingle coarse so that I can slide the flange into it properly?

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