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Posted by hj on November 15, 2001 at 07:09:40:
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If the measurement comes out at the location of the house sewer to city tap lateral connection, and the ground is also depressed there, then I would dig there. The pipe is probably broken from the tap and your cable dug a hole into the ground.

: :: The sewer cable was stuck. The size of cable is 5/8" and 50'. The cast iron pipe is 4". We were unable to reverse cable out. We also tried pulling the cable out with a come-a-long. This is when the cable snapped and broke away from the sewer machine. I just received a call that they were able to pull the cable out, however; the tip spring part of the cable is still lodge. The area where the spring measures to be stuck is at the sidewalk. The sidewalk is somewhat sunk/caved in and may also be at the city tap tie-end. Without having access to a video cam for pipe inspection then the only thing left to do is to start digging unless you have another solution. What else could it be hung on? Without actually knowing how long he cast iron pipe has been in the ground not that this even matters I was wondering maybe the pipe is crushed where the sidewalk is messed up or at the city? Any suggestions from here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, LA

: : Did the cable snap or just wind up? If it wound up, run the snake in reverse while pulling on the cable. If your manufacturer makes a "retriever" head for you cable that may engage the snake and let you pull it out, assuming it is not stuck too badly at the other end.

: : : HELP!!!! Lost cable from sewer machine in pipes. From what I can figure out is the cable hit the cast iron pipe at which point cable began to twist out of control and the next thing I new the cable came flying out of the drum and is lodge in the pipe. How can I retreive cable without having to dig pipe up. Please tell me this has happen to someone other then me..

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