Re: Hot water pressure fluctuation on sink faucet
Posted by MikeStheplumber on November 15, 2001 at 00:44:39:
In response to Re: Hot water pressure fluctuation on sink faucet
: The hot water pressure on my kitchen faucet started fluctuating. When I closed the supply valve and then re-opened it, the pressure started normally, but then within seconds, it dropped off dramatically. I could close the valve again and re-open it and the same thing happened. The amount of time before the pressure would drop off decreased over the course of a few weeks until now it doesn't matter at all - the pressure is low always. I turned off the water source and inspected inside the valve as best I could. It appeared OK (no debris, etc.), but I'm wondering if the washer/seal is coming unseated or something when the valve is opened up, restricting the flow? The valve is a single outlet sweated (?) onto a 1/2" copper line. Can I just replace the insides of this valve or do I have to cut off the valve and put a new one on instead? Without torches & gear, is there a simpler type of replacement valve that I could u Try buying one that looks like it and just cannabalizeing the parts.Its worth a try and its a lot cheaper. Mike

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