Re: should I install a check or backwater valve?
Posted by ItworksbutIwontputmynameonit on November 14, 2001 at 00:13:17:
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: HI
: About two weeks ago the city sewer line clogged and my finished basement got the worst of the back-up (2-3 inches). Some of the neighbors mentioned that this happened about 20-23 years ago to my house and again the city was responsible for their line. Now I'm wondering if I should have a valve installed either inside my basement bathroos or outside in the yard? I've heard pros and cons to both methods and am thoroughly confused now. Do you think I should even bother having one put in since there was such a time gap between back-ups and just have the city clean out and inspect the holes and line more frequently?
: Any help would be appreciated....
Put a backwater valve just inside your wall in your basement right where the sewer goes out.Its cheapest and it works the best.Just make sure theres access to the top.In reality the city should keep theyere lines clean but they never will and they will never accept responsibility for them or your damaged basement, they never will.Protect yourself put in a backwater valve where they cant see it and dont let them know about it.The underground plumber,good luck in stealth,psssst dont tell anyone!Dont get permits for something they will never take the blame for anyway!

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