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Posted by MikeStheplumber on November 13, 2001 at 23:57:36:
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: : :Thank you, but I still don't understand. As long as I don't replace the toilet down the road, even ceramic floor tiles are all right, aren't they? I am looing for a specific reason.

: : : If your "floor" tiles are ceramic, remove the toilet. If they are not, it doesn't make much difference, unless you replace the toilet down the road.

: : : : I am planning to install new floow tiles in my bathroom. Someone told me to make sure to remove the toilet. But why? I can install tiles around the toilet without removing it. It is much easier. What would be the negative result? Can someone tell me why I must remove the toilet before installing floor tiles?

: Yuji,
: You really must remove the toilet and lay the tile up to the flange, then replace the toilet and install "on top" of the new tile. It will even save you time to do it that way. The tile cuts that are hidden by the toilet are much quicker to make, than trying to fit the tile to the rounded base of the toilet. From a plumbers standpoint, there is nothing, and I mean "nothing" worse than being the one to come after a "tile to the toilet" job done by a homeowner. There is a domino effect when the right steps are not taken.
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