Re: fiberglass shower/bath units
Posted by MikeStheplumber on November 13, 2001 at 22:41:40:
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: One of my bathrooms has the ubiquitous shower/bath fiberglass unit that is installed during the framing phase. This was in the mid-70s and the color is nauseating! I have not heard many positive things about the etching/recoloring process that is in doesn't seem to last more than five years or so. Your experience?
: Is my only other choice that of cutting up the unit to get it out of the house and installing something in its place?
: If you want something nice in your house it has to go!Sorry but thats what I tell people all the time.Refinishing amounts to nothing more than expensive paint.It usually flakes around the drain within 2 years.Removing it is a mess but in the long run is your best bet.Youll never be sorry if you get the best and besides you use it everyday,treat yourself to something nice.Get concrete wallboard and some nice ceramic tile and it will put a smile on your face everyday for the next 20 years.Its also a nice selling point if you go to sell.Good luck Mike

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