Re: Squirrel stuck in drain pipe? Help!
Posted by MikeStheplumber on November 13, 2001 at 21:50:06:
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: I heard scrambling in the walls, thought it was a mouse. I heard the noise in the downstairs bath under
: and behind the toilet...the noise moved slowly up the wall towards the toilet above it.

: My girlfriend got home and flushed the toilet overflowed...and the scrambling noise, which
: had been going on for an hour, stopped. Yikes. Could a rodent have gotten into the drain pipe?

: We have squirrels constantly chewing on our house, jumping on it, running across it, etc. Could one
: have fallen down the roof vent (it's about 4" o.d.)?

: Are you still laughing? :-)

: I tried using a 25' snake on a hand crank, but can only get a few feet into the toilet and I seem to be leaving
: marks in the bottom of the bowl. Do I need to pull it?

: If there is a rodent in there, what can I do? I am on a septic system and my house is 30 years old.

: Thanks,
: Martin
Squirrels and possums both do this.Ive only heard about the squirrles but Ive seen possums first hand.We had to use a 1inch power cable from the roof.Not a pretty site but thats plumbing.If you want pets in plumbing get a dog ,they cant get on the roof.Good luck Mike

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