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Posted by Terry Love on November 13, 2001 at 20:07:59:
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: Sorry to bug you like this but I've spent quite a lot of time on the internet searching for the answer to this question without any luck. I'm ready to anonymously call the Pentagon and let them know Bin Laden is hiding in my sink just so they will blow it up, leaving me with a much smaller headache than the one I've currently got.
: About a week ago, my husband tried to unclog the drain of the aforementioned sink and the semi-easy task became a huge problem when the drainpipe broke off. I've since tried to attach any number of trap pipes to fix it but they all leak because each is forced to angle upward to accommodate the much shorter drainpipe. I've finally decided the easiest thing to do is to replace the drainpipe itself but easier said than done (as I'm sure you know.) I have no clue how to detach it from the flange in the sink.'s my question: how do I remove the drainpipe from the sink without damaging the sink and what tools do I need to do this?

Well, many times you can unthread the "tailpiece" from the drain, othertimes, they are one and the same. If that is the case, there should be a large nut that holds the drain to the bottom of the bowl. If it can't be removed, tham I use a "bunker destroyer" on it. I point that baby at the drain and just "let er rip" If the drain is still there, well, then you got a problem. If it's "still" there, you can cut it off with a hacksaw or sawzall blade.

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