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Posted by hj on November 11, 2001 at 08:56:24:
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I did not even want to encourage them with a Jet-Sweat stopper. The key to the problem is the "Explosion and Collapse" insurance rider. Once the job is started there will be no stopping until it is completed and any "glitch" could create an explosion hazard.I might not hesitate to do it on a small multifamily building, but not 25 stories.

: Mike:
: Not all plumbers do gas work. Find one that does and has the insuance rider know as(Explosion and collapse Insurance).
: What you want to do is very easily accomplished with a line stopper that is inserted into the pipe that you wish to cut off and rethread.
: Simply screw on a full port ball valve when the pipe has been modified and remove the line stopper, shut the valve and you'll be good to go.
: Lots of luck.....Bud.

: Hi all,
: : I live in a condo building and I have a 3/4" black iron gas line in my kitchen that comes straight out of the wall about 29". I would like to cut the line so that I can get it inside a 24" deep cabinet. The line comes in through a steel sleeve that was placed in the wall before the concrete was poured. There is no joint that is visible in my unit. Using a coat hanger it seems that line goes back 24" in the wall before it joins up with another line. The connection is either in a service cooridor or in my neighbors space.

: : I had a plumber come and look at it and his conclusion was that only we can shorten the pipe is to get access to my neighbors space and find the joint. If the joint is in the service cooridor then the pipe cannot be removed since we have no way of getting to the joint. I should also mention that he says that there is only one gas cutoff for the whole building so we are going to have to work with the gas on (building will not turn it off)

: : My questions are:
: : Is there some type of plug that I could stick into the pipe 6" to block the gas, so that I can cut the line in place?

: : Is it possible that a 1960's 25 story building would have only one gas cutoff for the building?

: : Is there anyway to cut a line with gas in it?

: : Sorry for the long post but I am out of options presently.
: : Thanks,
: : Michael

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