Squirrel stuck in drain pipe? Help!
Posted by Martin on November 10, 2001 at 19:17:05:
I heard scrambling in the walls, thought it was a mouse. I heard the noise in the downstairs bath under
and behind the toilet...the noise moved slowly up the wall towards the toilet above it.

My girlfriend got home and flushed the toilet upstairs...it overflowed...and the scrambling noise, which
had been going on for an hour, stopped. Yikes. Could a rodent have gotten into the drain pipe?

We have squirrels constantly chewing on our house, jumping on it, running across it, etc. Could one
have fallen down the roof vent (it's about 4" o.d.)?

Are you still laughing? :-)

I tried using a 25' snake on a hand crank, but can only get a few feet into the toilet and I seem to be leaving
marks in the bottom of the bowl. Do I need to pull it?

If there is a rodent in there, what can I do? I am on a septic system and my house is 30 years old.


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