Re: 5 Pin Hole Leaks in 3 months
Posted by Bud...Suncoast Plumbing on November 10, 2001 at 17:35:34:
In response to Re: 5 Pin Hole Leaks in 3 months
Cheryl: Sorry to hear of your rash of pin hole leaks. Is this the first time that there have been leaks? Are you on a private well, or do you have a Municipal water supply? Are you the only one in your community experiencing this type of
problem, or are your neighbors also having these problems? How old is the house that you are living in? Do you have any DC voltage operated
machinery or electronic equipment such as battery chargers or video surveillance equipment?
There is a reason for the failures, but we need to determine what it is and the best means to control or eliminate the problem.

: Please help give me some answers on what we can do. We have had 5 pin hole leaks in our copper pipes since September. I have asked plumbers in our area, we live in San Antonio, TX, about the product you recommend to help fix this product "______ Knight" and they all say they haven't heard of it. We can not afford to have our whole house's pipes rerouted. We need some advice. Thanks a bunch!

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