Toto Vs Gerber
Posted by Ed Moser on November 09, 2001 at 15:00:39:
Well after researching your site and all it's links it has come down to..

Gerber ultra flush vs Toto vespin( to get both the G-max and the Sanagloss ion barrier glazing)

I can't decide which way to go!
My house is 50 yrs old but I completely re-placed all the plumbing given certain parameters that I could not change. I have 3 first generation 1.6 gpf toilets that don't work that I am going to replace. But I want to make the right decission the first time.
So do I go with the pressure assist or the 3" flush valve Gmax with this ion barrier glazing( does this ion barrier glazing really make a difference )

thanks for your Help Ed

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