my son's band, "Out From Underneath" will play the Ballard Firehouse 11/17/01
Posted by Terry Love on November 08, 2001 at 18:56:29:
Hey, I had to do it, right?
My son's band will be playing November 17th Sat night at the Ballard Firehouse in Seattle at 10:00



 "Out From Underneath"  

Dig CD review


Out From Underneath "Dig"
1- Follow
2- Easychair
3- How low
4- Papers
5- Hey
6- Sometimes
7- Late in the day
8- Later in the day
9- Happy
10- WTP "Walking through the park"
11- Speak to me
12- Down the road
13- Happy acoustic

Transistions CD review
Recorded at Synergy Studios
Out From Underneath "Transistions"
1-Tempted by the Gun
2-24 Days
3-I feel
4-It Ain't Right
6-Pick Up Yourself
8-Through My Eyes
9-Much More





They will be playing songs from their CD

Jamie Love - Vocals

Nate Malubay - Bass

Lui Williams - Drums

Mike Wuellner - Guitar

Ballard Firehouse
5429 Russell Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 784-3516


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