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Posted by MikeStheplumber on November 06, 2001 at 15:17:58:
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: I want to put a wall hung toilet in my basement and have it drain into the soil stack. I'm looking at the Crane model available at Menards. Does anyone have any experience with these? How should the wall that the toilet hangs on be built? What is needed to connect the toilet to the drain pipe? Any info will help. Thanks in advance. Normally we anchor wall mounted toilets to concrete.Usually the floor.Any wall mounted toilet is mounted to a large cast iron "carrier" wich is extensiveley anchored to the floor or wall to carry the load.We use them in commercial applications for sanitary reasons (easy to clean).In 15 years Ive only put one in a house and that guy was a plumbing contractor who got it for free.If the "experts "at Menards cant tell you how to put it in dont do it .This is probably not a project for the average homeowner.Sorry to seem so negative MikeStheplumber

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